The Bane of Our Existence, The Essence of Our Lives.


Parents and guardians,
Custodian of our lives.
Until their death are we truly free.

Coddling or guilt-tripping us into doing things for ourselves or for them.
Ignoring the pains the world has given you because they think that it will make you strong.
False strength it is but then who cares.
If they survived a form of training, then you would survive too even if it was an archaic training.

They are most worthy of our love
Yet they sometimes unconsciously work against our love.
You can’t correct them or explain yourself.
Endure the pain like the man than you are.
Don’t you dare cry or break down like a future mother that you will be.
You are to know emotions but to never show them.

I doff my hat to them, the object of our confusion and our love.

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