Let’s play deaf…


Ebb and flow
Trickles and drops
Torrents and drips
Such are the flows from a hidden mighty ocean

Pains in the heart
Restlessness like a wounded bear
Anger as of the hungry
Rhyming away the unneeded

Let’s play dumb and act deaf
Listening to all that’s being said
Tho they hurt, we’ll keep mute
Like a sheep before the slaughter slab
Bear it all. Endure it all

Live as tho you understand all
Walk as if you know all
Cry as tho nothing hurts anymore
Smile as though life’s always been better
Irony of life…

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2 thoughts on “Let’s play deaf…

    • quite a lot to take in… the good end is if you rise and soar above the ocean, the bad part is if you become overcome with resentment and try to kill the ocean in a plot that may never succeed.

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