For The Males In My Life


Women may make the world go round
But they need a man to make their efforts sound
You, my brothers are a treasure without measure
One I can’t exchange even for pleasure
Your stoic nature and strength has taught me a lot
Your protection has improved my lot
Distance and biological makeup may keep us apart
But I know that in my life you always have your part

You were there to offer the manly advice
Which were effective in keeping me from social vices
The only way I can always remember you is to pray for a husband who would love me like you do

You light up my world and give me reasons to grow
You are my strength when my power is on the low
How can I ever forget your provision, protection which may but rival my husband’s profession of love.

I love you as myself because you taught me to
You were always on the lookout for me
Even when there was no need to
Another inseparable part of my life is who you are
One I can’t give away no matter what’s offered to me
You are a treasure to my world. My brother, my strength


For My Northern Sisters


We started this journey together
We dreamed of greater things under every weather
You even inspired my siblings to aim higher
And you never stopped aiming for heights loftier.

We were to fulfill this dream of ours
And be known as sisters from the stars
But then these evil took you away from me
And made me miss you with each passing day

I’ll lament everyday for my sisters out there
Whose dreams have been truncated by Belial’s children
Bring back my sisters because they also deserve to live out their lives.

My sisters from other mothers they are
Yet I’ll seek for them wherever they have been hidden
They deserve the very best of life
Even if they grew up in the country’s worst slum
I wake up everyday with pain and grief knowing they are were I can’t reach them
Bring back our girls. I love my sisters